Noyce Labs 是一家基于科技、人才和创新的全球量化投资公司。



Noyce Labs stands at the forefront of equities proprietary trading, dedicated to injecting liquidity into worldwide financial markets. Our firm excels in navigating the complexities of the stock market, harnessing our extensive knowledge and experience to generate superior returns.


Our Services

Equity Excellence

Access diverse equity trading opportunities with our expert team. We provide comprehensive buy-side, sell-side solutions, and strategic guidance using advanced technology.

Global Liquidity Provision

As a key player in the proprietary trading space, we specialize in providing vital liquidity to equity markets around the world, contributing to their efficiency and stability.

Managed Accounts & Fund Setup

Offering managed accounts and fund setup through our affiliated partners for a streamlined, all-in-one financial solution to provide you a comprehensive investment experience aligned with your goals.

Custom Solutions for Investors

Beyond our focus on proprietary trading, we also design and offer customised trading solutions to select institutional clients, aligning with their specific investment objectives and risk tolerances.


Empowering financial success through innovative proprietary trading and managed fund solutions, prioritising client growth, integrity, and market resilience.