Noyce Labs is a global quantitative proprietary trading firm based on science, talent and innovation.

About Us


We are a quant-focused, data-driven firm, developing highly mathematical and technological methods to invest into the financial market. We provide customised solutions using proprietary data analysis and comprehensive data to digitally connect institutional markets to the investment product ecosystem.


Data Collection

Using dedicated API software, we screen and collect financial data from traditional raw data sources.

Data Cleaning

We use different programming languages to standardize data, automatically identifying and patching missing data and errors.

Data Visualisation

To allow analysis and interpretation by our clients, we convert cleaned data into formats that accentuate trends and insights.


Shadow Portfolio

 A comprehensive trade tracking toolset that allows our clients to shadow the investments of seasoned portfolios.

Our proprietary system inculcates our clients to cease information gaps and information lags, so our clients can have the context of top tiered portfolios' technical analysis.

Lending and Time Deposits

We are providing the option for clients to earn passive income from their digital assets.

Our products delivers consistent returns by being unwavered by market movements, while allowing clients to retain their preferred asset exposure.

Our yield offering offers floating and fixed rate products, redeemable at any time (subject to interest rate offsets).

Derivatives & Structured Products

Yield enhancement products such as structured deposits, principal protected notes, and dual currency investments allow for greater investment flexibility and an opportunity for higher potential returns under different market situations.

Acting as a market maker and wholesale distributor, we work with exchanges, wallets, neobanks, and wealth management platforms to bring custom yield offerings to eligible users and market participants.



OTC Trading

For institutions wanting to improve execution on larger transactions while not disturbing the market.  We can provide a consistent and formulaic oversight for clients through high-touch offerings.

As a systematic internaliser, we provide diligent execution in major tokens and altcoins, with access to post-trade settlement and margin financing. We meet the industry standard to provide fast and reliable execution in all market environments.


Execution Services

 Our trade execution desk provides reliable and easy access to centralised liquidity across global exchanges, thereby bypassing the need to manage multiple accounts and exchange connections.

We improve execution calibre to meet customised trading objectives. We can programmatically liquidate a portfolio of exotic tokens, or cost-average into ETH over a set time horizon.

We facilitate VWAP/TWAP and other order types with multiple dependencies, allowing flexibility in managing a variety of execution specification.


Electronic Market Making

In Exchanges, we can step into the role of both principal and designated market making (DMM).

We create consistent and predictable markets in both cash and derivatives by generating liquidity, and thereby also making the markets more efficient and transparent for market users.

We specialise in offering deep liquidity, market depth, narrow spreads, and a price discovery that is transparent. Using our top-tiered proprietary trading algorithms, we can create a customised liquid solution.

Interested to join our team?

The Noyce Labs team is formed by individuals with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.


To reshape the FinTech space in Asia, seamlessly integrating quantitative methods into existing frameworks to achieve superior returns for our clients.

Why Us?

We align our interests with our clients', and tailor individual solutions suited to each client's needs.